Thursday April 15th 2010, 12:04 pm
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In my dream I was invincible.

There was an instant switch of knowing that I was in a dream and knowing I didn’t have to fear anything. I know, in my dream, I can intimidate. I can flips off the walls and kick the bad guys away. Only in my dream, they weren’t tangible bad guys. They weren’t even surrealistic bad guys. They were bad colors and smells and needlepoint punctures I could feel on my skin. I was bleeding profusely by the end of this dream but I still was hopeful. I never stopped fighting. I knew I would win. The smell made me want to vomit. The colors were blinding. Suddenly I switched from doing matrix-like kicks and spins and suspended flips and began to dance. I was on point, and was on a stage ballet dancing. I was wearing an army uniform and point shoes. Pink ones. I felt empowered even though the war seemed to be incessant. I woke up feeling exhausted yet unusually uplifted.

The thing that I find most beautiful about this dream is the grace that overpowered the awful forces coming at me. Very very cool.

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