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Thursday May 06th 2010, 12:08 pm
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Last night I was on an “Into the wild”-esque adventure by myself.

I find myself alone in my dreams very often lately. This is interesting because I find I never have a moment to myself in real life. Always needing to tend to a million different things and a million different people’s needs. Freud would say it is wish-fulfillment, I’m sure! This is one of those times when good ole’ Freud gets me…

I was hiking up a hill but my bike was floating next to me. The natural world was all around me. I could smell the smells of cold nature and feel the dewy fog ligering on my limbs. I made it all the way up a Mount Rushmore type of mountain. As I go to the edge of a cliff, I looked back and saw the view of the peak of the mountain behind me. Suddenly, there was an enormous roller coaster, yellow in color, glossy in finish, spiraling around the mountain. No people on it, just its massive presence.

I looked in front of me and that realized that underneath the cliff was a river tht I needed to cross. I knew this beause an old man with a white beard and short shorts standing in the river told me. Just then I was cursing mself for bringing my bike with me and for wearing long pants!

Suddenly, my fathers voice appeared, and made me feeling guilty for said mistakes.

I never crossed the river.

I realize now that I have used the word “Suddenly” a zillion time when describing my dreams. I suppose that is because of the fluidity between time in dreams. It still astounds me.

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The mountain, the old man, river, and your father’s voice. When I put these all together, it somehow reminds me some bible story. It’s like the story of Moses (u) going up to the mountain and the God (your father’s voice) speaks to him. I have no idea where i’m going with this, but I bet someone from the middle ages have a lot to say on the divinity of the dream.

Comment by    sharonbox 05.11.10 @ 5:38 pm

You seem to be a very powerful dreamer in that you have a distinct connection with the environment of your dream scape. You describe the environment of your dreams as if you were really there, acknowledging senses outside of the audio-visual norm of dreaming which makes me jealous because most of my dreams are fleeing images of nonsense which brings me to a light bulb. We’ve been discussing dream theories all semester right, but these theories are all very subjective. Dreaming for you is not the same as dreaming for me. Therefore to generalize completely, dreams have individual relationships outside of these theoretical treatise. You’re sense of reality within dreaming lends itself to a widely different interpretation. This dream seems like it actually could mean “something” while my many dreams of silly images might ascribe to Hobson’s bleak world of meaningless psycho bable.

Comment by    Christopher Suppa 05.17.10 @ 11:39 am