My friend posted this on face-space today.
Thursday May 13th 2010, 10:37 am
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Realizing I left my wallet lying around? Sucks. Getting back to it and seeing that all my cash and bank cards are missing? Terrible. Having a tough time contacting the bank to freeze my accounts? Worse. Oh, and dealing with inept security guards who don’t know how to access security videos? Awful.

Waking up and realizing it was all just a bad dream? Awesome.

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Whenever I’m in a rush I forget things and then spend the entire day thinking of where I left it and then end up always assuming the worst has happened. It seems like your friend has a fear of losing thier wallet but an even bigger fear of going through the process of trying to both locate and cancel thier credit cards.

Comment by    wakemesoftly 05.20.10 @ 11:02 am

Love it

Comment by    frankie 05.20.10 @ 8:33 pm