Sunday May 23rd 2010, 11:51 pm
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I am thrilled that I enrolled in this class. Something strong pulled me toward it, something that I was willing to figure out as it came to me. It’s funny– most classes you are forced to take, and sometimes you wind up learning a lot and finding new passions, yadda yadda… but many times, it hasn’t turned out that way. Then, once in a while you get the freedom to choose your own class. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Dreams always frightened me because it opens up the door to those really bizarre questions that you don’t think about on a daily basis: am I REALLY allowing myself to let go of control of my mind for several hours at a time? Well, i don’t really have a choice do I? Everyone must sleep to live. Therefore, everyone must dream to live. It is one of the few things that every person on this planet shares, like it or not. It opens up a world of questions and learning about the answers several theoriests have concluded was nothing short of fascinating. Also, reading texts that I felt like I knew a lot about, i.e. Jane Eyre and Jeckyll and Hyde through a new lens blew me away.

I also learned a lot about classroom management, believe it or not. The professor made every single class structured differently. These tactics made everyone in the room really want to be there every week and not miss a moment. The vibe in the room was always safe, allowing the students to feel like it was an open discussion, we were on a journey together to solve a mystery.

In short, I absolutely loved this class, and reflecting on it now, I can honestly say it was one of my favorite classes in all of my college career. I have a large stack of books that i can honestly say I have read and loved and legitimately learned a lot from. Even my good friend Mr. Freud.

I will miss this class and everyone in it.

Goodbye QC!


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